• San Clemente Downtown Business Association

    2020 Village Art Faire Application

  • If you are a returning vendor, and not adding new items, complete #1 and #4 and check off the months you wish to participate.

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • In order to protect the intent and the integrity of the Village Art Faire, you must be able to authenticate the products you sell as being your creative work. Any wholesaling or persons acting as sales representatives for other businesses disqualifies you from being an exhibitor/participant/vendor. Your eligibility will be at the discretion of the San Clemente Downtown Business Association Village Art Faire Director.
  • Please do not send in a space fee until your application has been processed and accepted. You will be contacted. All proceeds from sales go directly to the artist. The DBA Village Art Faire does not receive any percentage of sales, only the space fees.
  • Cost of Space

    Sidewalk Space: Approx. 4’x 10’ $65 per month.
    Bulbout Space: Approx. 10x10 $100 per month

  • 4. Vehicle set up information
  • Board of Equalization and San Clemente Business License Information

  • *A San Clemente Business License will be required after your application has been processed and you have been notified that you have been accepted into the Village Art Faire. Unless you currently hold a SCBL, leave this line blank until you have been accepted into the show.
  • Application Vendor Agreement

    I certify that I have read and understand and agree to abide by the Village Art Faire Policies and Procedures. The information I have provided on the application, along with any and all attachments, is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
  • Printing your First Name + Middle Initial + Last Name will act as your digital signature.
  • Download Village Art Faire Policies


  • Waiver and Release of Liability

    WAIVER: I hereby give the San Clemente Downtown Business Association and Village Art Faire the right to use photographs taken of me or my activity for reproduction in any medium for purpose of trade, advertising, display, exhibition or editorial use.

    RELEASE OF LIABILITY: In consideration of acceptance of my entry in the above described event, I, intended to be legally bound, do hereby for myself, my heirs, my executors, and administrators, waive, release and forever discharge any and all rights and claims for damages which may hereafter accrue to me against the below listed agencies, companies or entities, their officials, employees, and agents of any and all liability or responsibility arising from any injury received or incurred by participating in the event. I promise to inspect the event site and assure myself that the area is safe and further agree that I will not participate in the event unless I am satisfied that the area and conditions are safe. I voluntarily assume all risks arising from conditions related to the event site by others or myself. Applicant further agrees to indemnify and to hold the following organizations, their employees and agents harmless from any liability arising out of the activity applied for: (a) City of San Clemente, (b) San Clemente Downtown Business Association.

    I hereby acknowledge and accept the above conditions of participation and agree to assume full responsibility for the safety of myself, my equipment and my artworks, and shall not permit potentially hazardous situations within or immediately adjacent to my assigned space. I further agree to hold harmless and release the San Clemente Downtown Business Association and their agents and the City of San Clemente from any and all liability therefore. I also acknowledge receipt of a copy of this signed application. I understand that I must obtain my own insurance if I desire insurance coverage for the event, as no insurance coverage is provided to me by the San Clemente Downtown Business Association or the Vity of San Clemente
  • Please also thoroughly read the Village Art Faire Policies and keep a copy for your records. Answers to most of the questions from our artists are covered in the policies. Thank you.